Mr. Francisco Javier Cardenal founded Square One Armoring Services with the idea of a principled yet practical analysis of what it took to properly integrate armor systems into commercial passenger vehicles.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s it was becoming apparent that much of the industry was no longer applying the proper focus on the engineering and science needed for safe and proper armor integration.

Mr. Cardenal wanted to go back to the most basic principles of proper engineering and so he saw the need to get back to Square One.


Since its inception in 1991, Square One Armoring Services has manufactured over 2,800 armored vehicles.  This extensive production experience has allowed Square One to become a global leader in the development and execution of some of the most advanced and complete armor systems for commercially available passenger vehicles.  In addition, we lead the industry in the development of armor systems that can withstand severe road-side blast threats.  Square One strives to offer the highest levels of armor protection available, and the best customer service and value in the industry.  All of our products and services receive the full support of our sales, engineering, and production staff.  


Square One Armoring Services offers the highest level of engineering and design in the industry with a fully staffed engineering department using the most advanced equipment and techniques to fully render each commercial platform in 3D form. This allows for the most thorough evaluation of ballistic coverage and structural integrity prior to initial prototyping.

In addition to one of the strongest engineering departments in the industry, Square One Armoring Services has one of the most experienced Research and Development departments with over 30 years of experience in opaque and transparent armor material and the appropriate integration methodology for each type.

The culmination of all of the strict design, testing and quality standards has resulted in armor systems that have demonstrated to provide real world survivability.

Square One Armoring’s experience and dedication to creating the highest standards in the industry have resulted in our customers having the assurance that the armor system they depend on to save their lives or those of their loved ones will stand up to the very real dangers they face every day